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Global Strategy Champion

Dee Dee Forsythe


As our Global Strategy Champion,  Dee Dee Forsythe Leads the Way with Exuberance while offering Crystal Clear Insights as to how the Neurosize™ Team & Community will broaden the Interstellar Cognition Ripple. 


In her early years, Dee Dee rocked the free world with ZZ-Top, Bon Jovi, Journey, Lover Boy,  Van Halen and many other A-List entertainers as a production assistant for industry greats like Jim Holt - the President and CEO of Memphis in May. 


Dee Dee is fired up about bringing others to higher levels of awareness - professionally and personally. During the course of nearly 4 decades, Ms. Forsythe built her career by being an architect of humanity. She thrived and taught others to thrive as a professional corporate trainer for Wal-Mart. She guided others to find their balance between work and life as they collectively crafted a career path - empowering them to discover their life's path - ultimately inspiring them to accomplish their short- term, mid-range and long-term  goals.


After investing 11 years In-Store, Dee Dee embarked on the next leg of the journey by joining the leadership team with Walmart Home Office.  


She flourished for the next 6 years while working with the Corporate Merchandising Team and then spent the remainder of her career in Training, Recruiting, and Managing the Corporate Intern and Buyer Training Programs.


Dee Dee notably impacted the lives of over 4,000 Associates in 8 countries during the course of 40 years.  


Born and raised in Little Rock, Arkansas, Dee Dee graduated from Bryant High School. As she steadily gained rank at Walmart, she simultaneously continued her education with much fervor and graduated Summa Cum Laude from Capella University, with a degree in business focusing on Human Resource Management. Dee Dee resides in Rogers, Arkansas.


During her career, Dee Dee accomplished:


As a Dale Carnegie Graduate, she then became a Graduate Assistant and helped teach/train 37 classes following her own graduation.


Training and Development Certification through Southern Missouri State University


Past Member of the Apparel Advisory Board at the University of Arkansas


Worked on the ENACTUS Adivisory Board at John Brown University


Partnered with both the West Point and Airforce Academies to develop individualized intern projects benefiting both Walmart and the military academies.


The Neurosize™ Cognition Tribe is honored to welcome Dee Dee Forsythe as our - One & Only - Irreplaceable Global Strategy Champion.

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Creator, Communicator, Enter-brainer

Gabriel Botet


Gabriel founded Neurosize,Inc™ an internationally-known nonprofit organization established with the desire to entertain, stimulate and strengthen new brain connections.  As most would agree - based on clinical studies - transforming perception as we age is synonymous with neuroplasticity.  What is Neuroplasticity you ask?  It is quite the opposite of nostalgic thinking that reinforces known patterns of behaviors and thinking that have been found to no longer serve in a functional manner. 


Neurosize successfully serves a neurodiverse population of all ages. From 8 to 88+ our team of professionals offers both physical and mental challenges that promote the cultivation of balance and wellness for every participant.  Whether participants are seeking reprieve from the frustrations that go along with cognition challenges or are facing an unexpected diagnosis.  Neurosize™ enjoys offering solutions. The team at Neurosize™ offers a hybrid program platform to help participants worldwide via Zoom and during pre-scheduled in-person events. 



Known for her Cultural Alchemy - Lisa seeks to build a bridge between eastern and western approaches to health, wellness and longevity for each person who crosses her path. 

Lisa draws from an array of interactions with dynamic men, women and children internationally, as well as gleaning wisdom from her own life experiences, Classical training and CE Classes. East 

Texas Alzheimer's Alliance Certified Dementia Specialist focused on: Advocation for Patients and Families.

This military veteran, early widow and mother of 2 rocks the free world with her insights and avante-garde sense of being. 

She was trained as a military broadcast journalist and public affairs specialist at The Defense Information School at Fort Meade, Maryland.  She served in the DC Capitol region at Fort Belvior, in New Mexico and Arizona. 

As a civilian, Lisa has been licensed for over 20 years to offer a broad range of spa services ranging from Reflexology to cranial unwinding & craniosacral therapy. 

Over the years she has enjoyed helping clients with PTSD,  PTSD-C, neurodiverse challenges and neurodegenerative diseases & disorders. 

Lisa offers customized sessions - mindfully guiding Neurosize™ members through their moments as they overcome fear, doubts, depression, and grief. She also guides families through lifestyle modifications after receiving a diagnosis of dementia, Alzheimer's, neurodegenerative diseases and a broad-spectrum neurodiverse challenges. 

CBDO - CDP - Grief and Dementia Specialist

Lisa Botet

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Dr Cantebury

Deprescribing Pharmacist

Born in New York and raised in a suburb of Atlanta Georgia,  Dr. Cantebury is passionate about the management of health among his patients. He is a proud alumnus of the University of North Carolina Class of 2014 and a board-certified Geriatric Pharmacist.

He started GeriatRx, a pharmacist-based consulting company that offers Medication Therapy Management, Side Effect Counseling, Medication Appropriateness Evaluations, Drug Cost Analysis and so much more. GeriatRx is dedicated to serving all populations especially caregivers and senior patients.

- Referral Code: Neurosize 

Dr. Cantebury
Sleep Assessment Coach -Human Biologist
Neurofeedback -qEEG Brain-Mapping 

Ryan A Stoffko

Born in Cleveland, Ohio and raised in Broadview Heights, Ohio, Ryan is committed to serving,
protecting and assisting others that are in pursuit of their personal goals which coincide with
maximizing the quality of their future life experience. He is a human biologist, a polymath
and a strong Neuro-Rights Advocate that underwent tailored-education, specific to qEEG
brain mapping, SPP sleep profiling and neurofeedback; specialized knowledge &
 skills he
applies with his clients in order to promote peak performance and healthy aging; concepts
which secondarily reinforce accident prevention.

Ryan is the founder of a small business, OPP Neuro SPA, where he uses the “AQUA method”
to assist his clients self-assess their current state of performance before choosing a future
course of action to implement in order to attain their life goals.

Ryan has a role as the Public Relations Manager at The Institute for Human Biology based in
Vancouver Island, BC. His personal interests are peak athletic performance, maximizing
perceived life quality for competitive athletes and to strategize tailored solutions meant to
prolong careers and even one’s life.

Ryan is the Senior Ambassador to the USA for K-Enterprises, a United Nations Global Compact
partner based in the UK, that is focused on modernization, security & infrastructure
development. K Enterprises offers environmental, social and governance support, access to
finance technologies and we work closely with our partners and diverse teams to propose
practical, primary-to-tertiary solutions that tackle sustainable development issues for all

Ryan is on the executive team for The Prison Dr INC., a 501c3 organization for delinquency
prevention (I21) by Myron Fountaine. The mission is to intervene, educate and empower at-
risk youth, by providing them with the tools and the support that is required to help these
kids raise the bar, while redirecting them onto paths that lead to success.

During the rare occurrence that he is not working or sleeping, Ryan can be found enjoying the
outdoors with his dog or he will likely be at the nearest beach volleyball court, softball field
or partaking in some sort of sporting activity.

- Referral Code: Neurosize 

Health Coach

Willian Ireland


People say Will is like a Swiss-army knife, capable of playing many roles and wearing many hats. He got this way through his education and understanding of natural systems, most notably human health. Over the past decade he has immersed himself in a mixture of studies pertaining to health, biology, chemistry, botany, ecology, to name a few. He is formally trained as a health coach, herbalist, and massage therapist, but his knowledge base expands far beyond those areas. He is particularly fascinated with the gut-brain axis, and how what we consume and what is taking place inside our GI tracks, is influencing every aspect of our lives. Our body’s are essentially a large mobile air-ship for trillions of micro-organisms that live within us and around us, and can be viewed as a microcosm of the entire earth. The primary goal in his life is to be a conscious steward of his own internal ecosystem, and through his actions and interactions with others, help bring harmony to the internal systems of all those whose paths which he crosses.


Aside from health, he is passionate about food. He loves tasting new and different cuisines, as well as preparing creations with novel flavor and ingredient combinations. His passion for food and health have inspired him to perfect the art of gluten-free baking. He has developed over 100 quick-bread recipes over the past decade, with a mixture of sweet and savory recipes (among his most popular are the Lemon Poppyseed, Mexican Chocolate, Gingerbread, Pumpkin Spice, Pizza Bite, and Habanero Potato). He emphasizes on using the highest quality oils and sweeteners, a custom mixture of gluten free flours, and fresh produce for each recipe. Not only does he make them all gluten free, but he can also make them completely vegan, as well as low-carb/keto for those watching their sugar/carb intake.


 Lastly, Will believes there is no greater experience than expressing how music makes him feel through intense physical movement. As a former endurance athlete and ultra marathon runner, he learned the value and importance of what we consume and how it affects our physical and mental functioning.  He takes his training /diet/ lifestyle very seriously, and as a result has developed a very high aerobic capacity. Consuming what he bakes as a regular part of his diet plays a considerable role in his physical health capabilities. The importance of holistic health and self-care goes beyond just looking and feeling good on a daily basis, and is what allows him to do what he loves with such dedication for others.

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    55 US dollars

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