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Creator, Communicator, Enter-brainer

Gabriel Botet


Gabriel founded Neurosize,Inc.®, an internationally-known nonprofit organization established with the desire to stimulate new ways of perceiving reality.  As most would agree - based on clinical studies - transforming perception as we age is synonymous with neuroplasticity.  What is Neuroplasticity you ask?  It is quite the opposite of nostalgic patterns that reinforce known patterns of behaviors and thinking that have been found to no longer serve society in a functional manner. 


Neurosize successfully serves a neurodiverse population of all ages. From 8 to 88+ our team of professionals offers both physical and mental challenges that promote the cultivation of balance and wellness for every participant.  Whether participants are seeking reprieve from the frustrations that go along with mild memory loss, cognition challenges or are facing an unexpected or early diagnosis of various forms of dementia or neurodegenerative diseases and disorders - Neurosize enjoys offering solutions.  The team at Neurosize offers a hybrid program platform to help participants worldwide via Zoom and during pre-scheduled in-person events. 



Known for her Cultural Alchemy - Lisa seeks to build a bridge between eastern and western approaches to health, wellness and longevity for each person who crosses her path. 

Lisa draws from an array of interactions with dynamic men, women and children internationally, as well as gleaning wisdom from her own life experiences, Classical training and CE Classes. 

This military veteran, early widow and mother of 2 rocks the free world with her insights and avante-garde sense of being. 

She was trained as a military broadcast journalist and public affairs specialist at The Defense Information School at Fort Meade, Maryland.  She served in the DC Capitol region at Fort Belvior, in New Mexico and Arizona. 

As a civilian, Lisa has been licensed for over 20 years to offer a broad range of spa services ranging from Reflexology to cranial unwinding & craniosacral therapy. 

Over the years she has enjoyed helping clients with PTSD,  PTSD-C, neurodiverse challenges and neurodegenerative diseases & disorders. 

Lisa offers customized sessions - mindfully guiding Neurosize members through their moments as they overcome fear, doubts, depression, and grief. She also guides families through lifestyle modifications after receiving a diagnosis of dementia, Alzheimer's, neurodegenerative diseases and a broad-spectrum neurodiverse challenges. 

CDP - CBDO - Greif and Dementia Specialist

Lisa Botet